Why should you maintain your asphalt?

Asphalt will deteriorate over time due to the harsh effects of gas, oil and sun oxidation. A seal coating program implemented every 2-3 years will extend the life of your pavements. Our maintenance program involves seal coating, crack repair, and patching to help protect your asphalt investment. Besides protecting your investment, applying sealcoat will give your facility an attractive new appearance. This can increase your property value while keeping your facility looking first class. You will save time and money in the long term.

What type of sealer do we use?

Seal Coating uses Armor Top sealant manufactured by Western Colloid. Armor Top is designed with high non-volatile content and very low wet track abrasion in order to product a long lasting durable surface. Armor Top is blended with specially formulated epoxy-modified acrylic resins to provide superior surface protection and additional weather proofing components to the wearing course. The manufacturing process is free of all harsh chemical emulsifiers and diesel fuel cutback. The product is produced only using non-chemically treated ingredients to produce the greenest, environmentally and eco-conscious pavement protection products available.

How do we apply seal coat?

We can apply sealer using a spray or squeegee method. These methods insure that your facility gets the best possible coverage.

How do we prepare the site?

We will prepare your site before we provide the seal coat. We do this by sweeping and or using high power blowers to insure that pavement surfaces are clean.

When do we do the work?

We know that time is money to your business. We will schedule our work on evenings or weekends when there is no or minimal traffic. We can also schedule your work one half at a time.

How long before you can drive on the facility?

You can drive on the pavement approximately 24 hours after the seal coat is applied. There are cases where we can apply a latex modifier to obtain faster drying so it can be driven on sooner.

How can I get additional longevity?

If you are interested in getting additional longevity we can apply more than one coat of asphalt sealer. An additional coat is economical and will increase the overall durability